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new bowling green?


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I noticed last week that the coaches of bowling green were wearing some jackets with a new wordmark. I heard Rickabaugh Grpahics was going to be redoing their identity, but I don't know if this is a finl version or if they are just testing it out...their website has a poll at the bottom about which logo people like better.

The best I could find as far as images of the new logo is on their merchandise page

bowling green merchandise

What do you think of the new look...also, can anyone find a better image of the new logo?

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This is old news I believe. I've known about the new logo package for months.

i don't generally follow the changes in college logos or uniforms, since there's so many teams, and i barely watch college... but i knew about it too, simply because i know seth, and he never shuts up about BG :)

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