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THE Fresno Grizzlies


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Saw that THE Fresno Grizzlies changed their logo, courtesy of Plan B Branding. The only logo I saw (on minorleaguebaseball.com) looks nice, but they speak of other logos (bear head, stylized F logo), but I can't find them.

Anyone here seen 'em?

Also, they said that the caps will have the F right-justified. It will look like everyone on the field will be tilted on the verge of falling. Good times!

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Hmmm...that's a new one to me too. The now-former color scheme of the Grizzlies was a complete mess, so something had to happen.

I don't like that typeface though. The "Fresno" portion looks real amatuer-ish to me.

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Apparently, the Grizzlies are going with a logo package reflective of the Craftsman and Art Nuevo design styles, both of which figured heavily in California from the 1880s through the 1920s. Both the "stained-glass window" logo and the wordmark pay homage to these movements.

I particularly like the "stained-glass" logo. Very creative.

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You can just make out the team's other new logos in the photos accompanying this Fresno Bee story:


Frankly, the road and alternate caps featuring the right-justified/right-flushed logos look absolutely assenine. I predict that design feature will be gone after a single season... two seasons at the outside.

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putrid. absolutely putrid

how dare my teams triple A affiliate change to this garbage

I just hope its incentive enough for the prospects down there and the rehabbing players coming off injury to get thier game squared away to come up to the big club just so they dont have to wear those things!

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Hmmm... the link impulsive posted (thank you) didn't include the Grizzly Head logo. Anyway...

I love the primary mark featuring the "G" and the bear paw. I like the "F" pennants. From what I was able to make out in the pictures from the Fresno Bee, the Grizzly Head logo looks very nice.

In terms of the color palette, I think that they could have gotten away with just the Pine, the Cedar and the Light Gold. Maybe the Pine, the Dark Gold and the Light Gold. The five-color palette seems a bit much.

The wordmark font is okay. I appreciate what they were going for, but I'm not sure that it's suited to being used by a pro sports team.

The right-justified logos on the road and alternate caps look terrible. Trendiness for the sake of being trendy. If I wanted to look like a surfer, I'd by a cap at a surf shop.

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For some reason it reminds me of the current Suns logo

They were originally in Pheonix. I actually have a Pheonix Firebirds cap.

yeah I know I have a Firebirds Jersey and hat, I used to go to Phoenix Firebirds games before they brought on the D'backs, and moved the Firebirds to Fresno. But all i'm saying is that the current Suns logo reminds me of the Firebirds logo

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Meh. If that.

I give the team credit for wanting a unique color scheme, and especially going against the grain with the forest green and deep red. Not too many people would go that route, and it will definitely stand out in the PCL.

I give an "ok" to the "bear claw in the pentagon" logo. Nothing special, but it's the best logo of the bunch.

A pennant with an F? Big deal.

Right justified logos? What the fluff? A baseball logo goes on the front center of the cap. Why not make the bill off center, or get rid of it entirely. What about unitards? Those are trendy and innovative. This isn't the beach or a golf course. It's a friggin' baseball team. Dress like it.

The wordmark is boring. It's not very athletic looking, and "the" is a poor attempt at sounding pompous. Are they afraid of being confused with other Fresno Grizzlies?

The whole scheme reads like a travel guide. "...ladies and gentleman, we are now passing through a forest. Look how high the majestic redwoods are. If you look way to the left, you might see The Fresno Grizzlies. And to the right is the campground. Enjoy your visit."

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