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90's NFL revamps

Voodoo Child

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I've been reading these for a while, but until I created something worth showing, I didn't want to say anything. But one thing's been bothering me for a bit, I wanted to know if I was correct here.

Did the Buccanneers, right after their identity change, wear more of a "champagne" color pants and helmet, and then later switch to a more silvery color. I remember them having a sort of gold color helmet, but I could be wrong.

It seems like a lot of teams do "little" changes as time goes by. The 49ers had white pants for a year or two (unbearably ugly), the Rams used to have little gold "V" shaped stripes on their pants after their Super Bowl, and teams like the Cardinals change their main color slightly every so often. I'm mainly saying this in hope that my Bengals will get rid of their white inserts.

I'm sorry I can't find any photos or anything...I'm really new at this whole thing. But I have a feeling that a lot of this stuff happens, that teams realize their mistakes and try to shuffle over it...maybe.

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