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Ugh. Another street race for Champ Car. Yippeshi*. <_<

Street races are transitory in nature. Most never see their 6th year so it's pretty hard to get worked up over one unless it's in your backyard because historically they don't last, and with ChampCar turning it's back on permanent road courses such as Mid-Ohio and Road America where they have raced for 25 years, it makes you wonder if the people in charge are idiots.

The street races in Canada are cleary an exception to the norm, so it was a surprize to see Vancouver drop off the schedule, but for nearly every event that looks successful, one day apathy, sponsorship changes or local construction seems to kill them off anyway.

For every Long Beach and Toronto, there's a whole list of places like Columbus, San Antonio, New Orleans, Miami, Grand Rapids, Minneapolis, Denver, Houston, Vancouver, Las Vegas, The Meadowlands, Niagara Falls, Detroit, Phoenix and Des Moines you can list.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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