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The 2005 Heisman Winner Is...


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Well, I can't say that I'm surprised Leinart won the award.

While Jason White was able to weather his less-than-spectacular effort in last year's Big XII Championship game to win the 2003 Heisman, I'm sure that based on his bowl performance last year some voters were less-than-inclined to hand him consecutive Heisman's... whether it was fair or not to carry over biases from last season.

As for White's fellow Sooner Adrian Peterson, while his numbers were impressive, it was going to take an astronomical season to convince the voters to hand the Heisman to a freshman.

As for Alex Smith and Reggie Bush, the former had to battle the perception that he put up his numbers against "inferior" competition, while the latter was overshadowed by his fellow USC Trojan.

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Leinart's overrated IMO, he's not even the best QB in his conference (that would be Aaron Rodgers from Cal. hell, i'd venture to say Andrew Walter from ASU's better). That, and South Central also benefitted from a conference that STILL doesn't know what defense is.

plop, i woulda liked to see White win it again. First, OU's not evil. second, he's a better QB than Leinart. eh well, he'll show em when the Sooners kick the crap outta south central. B)

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James, I'm going to try to ignore you as per Chris' wishes and I don't want to turn this into another Crap on James thread (well, I wouldn't mind it, but I understand the wishes of others to avoid such nastiness)...

But wasn't correcting people's spelling one of the things people like CC and SyPhi have been saying are provoking problems? Did we not agree to leave you be so long as you behaved yourself?


Back to the Heisman...

I don't see any problem whatsoever with a freshman winning and it's a shame to think his class might have had something to do with him not winning.

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I'm glad Matt Leinart won it, I think he deserved it, and I think it was fair that Adrian Peterson got second. Had I any say in who won the Heisman, I would've had it exactly like that. That said, I think Reggie Bush is the best player in the country.

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