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24 Days Of Concepts, Dec. 6 and 7


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Between the board downtime and work kicking my butt the last few days, I haven't had time to keep the 24 Days of Concepts up-to-date. It's now time to catch up.

We go back to fantasy football for Dec. 6's concept. My friend and I co-own a team in a league that, until this year, was called the Manhattan Blunt Objects. (There may or may not be a concept coming for that; just wait and see!) The only problem was that no matter how well we drafted, we somehow managed to finish last. This season, we resurrected a baseball name of my friend's and changed everything - including our luck, as we're one win from the playoffs.

Since my friend's a huge Dallas fan, we decided to go Dallas colors for our logo and uniforms. Yes, that is the Dallas Stars star I borrowed, I already said I'm no logo whiz!

Oh, and unlike Dallas, our silvers match up! Here it is:


C&C on this, of course, is welcome; Dec. 7 coming next.

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And now for Dec. 7.

As you all know, a while back Suigi completed Project Rafale, which converted every NHL team's uniforms to a template used by the Quebec Rafales of the now-defunct IHL (the link to the original project is here).

Now that I see Suigi is preparing Project Rafale II, this one might persuade him to do AHL teams too. Here's the Hartford Wolf Pack, gone Rafale.


Suigi, if you're interested in doing AHL and you want to use this, let me know and I'll send you the original-sized .png file (after I recreate it; I foolishly overwrote the original file).

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