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design studio logo concept

buffalo soldier

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here are the logos for my new studio, phrixus design:


these arent 2 separate concepts, the blue one will be used on the site (which is blue) and the white will be used on concepts. theres one problem - after finishing them, i was at a friends house and saw a box with the samsonite luggage logo on it. i was like oooo crap. im wondering if they do look like that logo. if so, im obviously gonna have to change it. C&C welcomed and appreciated.

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awesome job on the logos. i was just wondering what does phrixus mean?

phrixus was a guy from greek mythology that had something to do with the argonauts and the golden fleece. it doesn't have any significance in regards to my company/studio/whatever you want to call it, i just thought it was a cool name.

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