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NFL Picks Week 15


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Pit @ NYG - Giants win.

Comment: The steelers will go in to New York expecting to run over the giants and will come out with a loss. Eli Manning will probably have his best game of the season.

Was @ SF - Deadskins win.

comment: This isn't the arizona cardinals.

Car @ Atl - Panthers win.

comment: Atlanta basically has the playoffs locked up so they won't put as much effort in to this game and the Panthers will walk away with a win as they continue there push for the wild card.

Hou @ Chi - Texans win.

Comment: Chad Hutchinson isn't Jim McMahon. after Hutchinson fumbles about 3 times, expect to see Jeff George and 3 more interceptions.

Buf @ Cin - Bungholes Win.

Comment: Cincy upends buffalo to continue there push for the playoffs. Kitna jumpstarts the offense and the bungholes pull off a late quarter drive.

SD @ Cle - Chargers win.

Comment: The charge shouldn't have too much problem with a dead browns team.

Min @ Det - Lions win.

Comment: Another late season collapse and another non playoff year. Lions eek out a ugly win against the vikes.

Jax @ GB - Jags win.

Comment: Expect the Jags to stun the pack at lambeau.

Sea @ NYJ - Seahawks win.

Comment: ON the brink of being eliminated from the playoffs the seahawks muster a last season push to secure a playoff spot, includinga win against the jets.

Dal @ Phi - Eagles win.

Comment: Expect the cow pokes to get blown out 56-0 in philly. Expect Parcells to walk out of the game, leaving his ass-istants to run the rest of the game. Parcells the next day will resign and finally admit that the cow pokes are a lost cause and in such poor condition that not even the great tuna can turn this pathetic mess around. don't expect Henson to play even though they are being blown out by halftime.

STL @ Ari - Rams win.

Comment: This is the cardinals. enough said, rams walk out with a win.

TB @ NO - Bucs win.

Comment: The leagues worst defense held the leagues worst offense in check last week. Expect the Bucs to run over the Aints and run up the score board.

Den @ KC - Broncos win.

Comment: Expect the scoring to get out of hand. Broncos win on a late second field goal.

Ten @ Oak - Titans win.

Comment: Volek shouldn't have any problems with the raiders. Tennesee should win easily.

Bal @ Indy - Ravens win.

Comment: Manning and the Colts will run in to a brick wall and the Ravens will shut out the Colts. No record for Manning this week maybe next week.

NE @ Mia - Pats win.

Comment: THe pats continue to find ways of winning and phins find ways of losing.

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All I have to say is this:

The Colts will massacre the Ravens. Look out Pittsburgh and New England, 'cause Indy is right on your tails! Manning is just entering the prime of his career, and is so hot, no one can touch him. He will learn from his previous playoff mistakes, and will not even have to carry his team, because James, Harrison, Stokley, Wayne, Vanderjagt & co. can take a whole lot off his shoulders. How is any team in the AFC gonna stop this freight-train?! (P.S: This train makes only one stop: Jacksonville, FL!)

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Wow Magus, I hope you don't have access to a bookie or Live in Nevada.

5-11 on your picks...... OK some were tough to call like Doplhins or Raiders, but the GIANTS, the BRONCOS, the RAVENS on the road in primetime with the Colts trying to catch NE or Pitt for a first round bye.

You need a new dartboard, magic 8-ball or T-Leaves. Whatever it is you use to pick the games. :therock:

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