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Hooray! The AP has some sense!


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If it says AP, it has to be true, right? (O&A fans should get that reference)

I can do nothing but applaud the actions of the AP. They have decided to step up and fight back against a flawed and corrupt system.

We are closer to a playoff than ever. There is still a long way to go, but the message is getting there, and the AP helped by making this first step.

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wdyt_photo3_75x97.jpgThis is a real shame because without the AP's inclusion in the BCS formulae, there is now a risk that future BCS championship matchups will result in possible debate about who should be playing whom. I would hate to see the BCS system become subject to criticism or dispute as a result of this decision.
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Five words about this:







Five more words . . .






There is simply way too much money involved to do anything to eliminate or even greatly manipulate to bowl system. The NCAA will never give serious consideration to a system wherein 56 schools get to play a postseason game that is guaranteed to generate huge sums of money for their conferences. The closest thing to a playoff that might ever happen is a four team, post-bowl playoff that might use the present 4 BCS games as "first round" matchups to set the four team field.

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