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Washington Nationals football and hockey x-overs


routine, much?  

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Well since we finally got some sort of idea on what the numbers are gonna look like, I finally get to display them.

I went with what was written about how the numbers looked. so I might not be accurate, but I hope I came close

the hockey, the dark away jersey is blue because the Nats are gonna be predominantely blue on the road. which is why the numbers are red on the home white jersey. Red pants give them a patriotic Rangers or Blue Jackets look.


for the football, the red is the dark jersey and the helmet color because, well, they are gonna be predominately red at home. Which is also why the numbers on the away white are blue. I felt only one set of white pants was necessary for this look


if Im inaccurate on the numbers once we get a better idea of how they look, then I will fix it. but for now, vote and enjoy! :P

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