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2005 World Logo Poker Tournament


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Sorry for the delay. A number of things offline going on so forgive me for the delay.


This thread is to officially to give me your buy in or in this case confirmation you will sign up.


> You will have 1000 "LogoChips"

> You must bet at least 100, but no more than 500 until event #4, where you can go all in beginning at event #5. And bets must be in incriments of 50, for the sake of me not going crazy. So no bets of 114 or 420 or 690. :P Bets of 100, 150, 200, 250, and so on.

> Each event will take place in a week's time. You will have 7 days to submit your "hand" (your concept for the contest). The poll will be 3 days long.

> The winner (top vote getter) will receive 50% of the chips. 2nd Place will get 30%. 3rd Place will get 20%.

> Bonus points will be given out on suprise "mystery card hunts". I will ask for something to be found on the web. The first person to post it will get a bonus 100 points.


Regional Mixx It (The Ultimate Crossover)

Ticket Design

Alternate Jersey

Retro -> Modern

Modern -> Retro

Goalie Mask

Event Logo

Sideline Cap

Hockey Rink

Football Field

"The Big Event" (will be known at a later date on what you'll be doing)

We will begin Monday, January 10th. (for 49ers fans the 23rd Anniversary of "The Catch") Which event? We will see! :D

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With each event being 1 week, plus the biggie might be needing two... We're going 12 weeks. Rest assured though, if we're slowing down on participants, I do have the authority to end the particular event and go to voting right away.

This is to help us all get through our hockey withdrawl and into baseball while we enjoy the Super Bowl and Arena Football.

Also with this set up, I am also going in. You got company guys! Get ready for me to shuffle up an deal on Monday.

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i'm going away to the Gold Coast in late March/ Early April (around Easter) will there be a little break at Easter because alot of people go away at that time (well, i'm not sure they do in North America)....i'm only away for a week, maybe i could get the stuff done before hand.....

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