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Authentic jersey sizing


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I'm not 100%....

I own 2 Nike authentics size 44, however when I'm in the NBA Store trying on some of the Reeboks ones, most of the time I find myself liking the fit of a 40 better.

I'd probably say the Reebok one's a little roomier (also judging by the fits of the Nike swingman jerseys compared to the Reebok swingman's), but it also depends on the style of the jersey. The regular V-Necks fit differently than the Wish-bone collar jerseys, so you may move up or down a size depending on the style.

Not completely sure, but I'd probably lean towards a "yes".

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I have a XXL Urlacher Jersey. I usually wear between a XL and a XXL. I wish I would have gotten a single XL. Basically what I'm saying is, they fit big. And they are VERY long. I also had 2 other jerseys in my posession at the time (one was an eagles) and all three were the same size.

I'd recomend some trying on before you order them. (if that's what your doing) Even if its a different team, the basic girth and length will be very similar.

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