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Madden Curse?


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what kind of season did eddie george have after getting on the cover?

he had a great season, but apparently he blew some huge play in the playoffs that cost teh titans the game.

basically, after the other got injured and someone came up with the madden curse had to have someway it effected George as he didn't get hurt and he had a good season.

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I think we had something about the curse up here just after Vick got injured last year, and some of the supposed 'victims' of the curse just had slightly below par years. you are gonna have some below par years just as you will have some stand out years. By definition almost you must have a stand out year to get on the cover, so odds are short that when you are on the cover your performance will drop a little.

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Well, I dont think im going out on a limb by saying that it will probably be someone from a playoff team. So the next logical thing would be to make a list of players from there. Let me know if Im missing any:

Philadelphia - McNabb/Owens

Atlanta - Vick/?

Green Bay - Favre/Walker

Seattle - Hasslebeck/Alexander

St. Louis - Bulger/Holt

Minnesota - Culpepper/Moss

Pittsburgh - Rothlisburger/Ward

New England - Brady/Dillon

Indianapolis - Manning/Harrison

San Diego - Tomlinson/Brees

New York - Pennington/Martin

Denver - Plummer/Bell

I guess its possible not to be a playoff team, but I would think maybe Eli or something, just because hes in NY. I also didnt include defenders, nor did i exclude anyone based on outside contracts/previous covers

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what about ol' FatBoy Madden his-own-bad-self?

They might have to use an older picture then, because otherwise they would probably need to tape his eyes open. I swear sometimes it looks like he got stung between the eyes, and hes allergic to bees

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