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Boston Red Sox Redesign Concept


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I usually love your work, but they remind me of the Indians. Somethings you just can't change or improve, like Coke.


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haha thanks but the red sox are nothing like coke. With Sports, its different IMO, and the Red Sox current look isn't anything great. They've been using their current primary since 1962, and it took them 42 years to win a championship with it. It was a cursed logo. Well here's the logos bigger:


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I feared the worst with this concept, but I'm glad my fears were unfounded. This is top-notch work, right down to the wordmark on the rump. I like the BP-jersey-style piping along the shoulders, though I might have gone white on the blue jersey.

Nice job! B)


Sodboy13 said:
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I like the current look(just need red caps and matching piping), but this is real nice. I was about to do jerseys with that piping style you used, but you beat me to it. The next generation in baseball designs will be cut like that and the BP unis with the air vents, IMO. But the butt logo has to go.

Nice work.

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These are nice, though I think the Red Sox should just stay as they are.

My major problem is with the word mark.

The letters in RED and in SOX are more spaced out than the words are.

It reads sort of like this:


EDIT: even though I know you said you saw it, I fixed my rep to make it more obvious

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[belated christmas present]its available in the mlbfonts thread thanks to eriqjaffe[/belated christmas present]

I still don't have a website, but I have a dribbble now! http://dribbble.com/andyharry

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I love the concept with one small gripe: These are the RED SOX, so I wish all three of the uniform sets had them wearing actual red socks (not the "negative image" socks worn with the navy alternate).

After all, remember that current owner John Henry changed their current uniform sets to feature red stirups because of the team's nickname.

Otherwise, I'm loving all of the overhauled MLB sets thus far!


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