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2005 World Logo Poker Tournament - Hand #1


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Welcome to the lovely Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino. A 10% discount is available at the House of Blues. :P

Here are the rules:

1.) You may submit bets until Wednesday at 12am. At that time, I will lock the thread for a few minutes to take down the bets, so the bets will be locked.

2.) If you feel you don't think you can win and wish to pull out without a vote type in "OUT" after Wednesday.

3.) You have until Saturday at 12am ET, to "show your hand". If you don't reveal your hand, you won't be in the voting.

And now Poker Hand #1...


Use the template provided at http://members.aol.com/puckguy14/event1.gif. Logos for the game are provided on CC's site. Requirements are as follows:

1) You must have game info on the ticket.

2) Can not be favoring one teams scheme (i.e. don't make it green, silver, and black for the hint that the Eagles will be there. You must be neutral. The lone exception is the Jacksonville Jaguars, as they are the host team.)

3) Like your kindergarten teacher told you, stay within the lines. No cut outs will be allowed.

4) If it is up, no Super Bowl poster or artwork will be allowed. Everything else is fair game.

Good luck and let the good times roll. B)

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You can resize, but the entire image has to resize. And just the front, since the back has mostly plain info in greyscale.

well do you have the poker tourny logo in .ai format so I can actually make the entire thing larger?

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What ICS is trying to say is, he is my security guard. He will be watching the "security cameras" for any "cards counting" if you guys catch my drift capice? Or for those who watch Las Vegas on NBC, he's the Josh Duhamel to my James Caan. There ya go ICS, now the ladies will really flock to see you. :P

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Dude, no offense but just use the template provided.  That's the point of a template, even playing field.

well yea, but I wanted a larger area to work with. so I'm asking permission to use this. and if so I would assume that everyone else is allowed to as well.

Besides I do believe he'll require that they'll have to be shrunk down all to the same size anyway.

All it is is the exact same template just twice the size.

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