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repairing an old jersey?


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I was just thinking about the old logo athletic Barry Sanders jersey I have, the screened on numbers on the front and back are worn out in a lot of places, I was wondering if there were some way to fix this? acrylic paint to the worn through parts? I bet that would look sloppy. Just cutting out white numbers to match and sewing them on, just leaving the silver borders behind? That might work.

I was also thinking of how to put a name and number on the Indians jersey I have; cutting out a 52 and Sabathia and sewing them on, would that turn out well? (along with a chief wahoo patch, which I could get off ebay probably)

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If you can provide me pics of the jersey and all the numbers and letters I can likely fix it for you.I can use plastisol numbers(screen-printed transfers) to fix it and keep it original OR if they are completely gone I can put tackle-twill over the for you and add the old NFL logo to the collar for a more authentic look.If you have a way to provide pics I'd love to help you out.I can also do the Indians jersey but I would suggest getting the patch from Ebay,which I too could apply.Just let me know.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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