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Sweden and Norway football


Ill make it easier for ya, how do you rank them?  

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there, now you can simply rank them. That should fit within everyone's personal tastes

anyways, we go to Scandanavia for the next two

Sweden - aside from Canada, probably the most conservative concept yet. I made my own crown logo and of course, copied it twice more so I had three, and arranged them properly. The crowns are skewed in order to suggest movement on the helmet. I went with a blue helmet to make the crowns stand out. Simple "Northwestern" striping as it is called, and basic block numbers. I felt only one set of yellow pants was necessary here


Norway - now when I started this one, I was dead set on making my own logo and not resorting to slapping recolored Minnesota Vikings logos on them and calling it a night. So I went with a viking ship logo with an image of the flag in the sail. The uniforms are inspired by the old "drunken horse" era Denver Broncos uniforms. I felt it looked viking-ish without well.....being Minnesota Vikingish, or throwback New England Patriotish for that matter. I went with basic, two color block numbers with an attached dropshadow.


we are moving out of europe....for now. we will be going down under next.

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