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Australia and New Zealand football


just like before...  

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now we go to the bottom of the world, where our north american brand of football is allegedly winning over quite a following.

both these countries have national teams, and I used thier actual nicknames for the teams too. But I assure you guys that the logos are all mine

Australia - My concept for the Outback definitly has that Green Bay Packers or for you CFL marks, Edmonton Eskimos vibe. I almost decided on mettalic gold over the yellow gold, but the Outback really use the yellow gold and I wanted to keep some similarity. As far as I know, thier actual helmets have a plain green southern cross constellation on them (I could be wrong though) so I decided to put a green A there with the constellation over it. the stand alone constellation is on the sleeves. I used drop shadow Rams numbers here as I felt it fit the scheme.


New Zealand - I thought the logo that the team used when they were known as the Haka was cool, and I almost used it. However I ended up sticking with thier new name, the Iron Blacks. They actually have a silver fern on a black helmet, but I decided to arrange the fern so it kinda looks like wings, sort of like the Philadelphia Eagles or to a lesser extent, the U of Michigan Wolverines. The actual uniforms are pretty basic, but here I used tapering striping that has a fern shape, and went with Tennessee Titans numbers. This is one of my favorite concepts in this set.


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