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Hey, sorry if this was posted before, but I searched and couldn't find it. I broke down and bought b'ball for the PS2 for the $20. I was playing a season and I can't slide my controller over to the other team to change their uniform like in a regular game or a two player game. Is this something that I can't do in the season? Is this random? I'm almost half way through the season and it's been standard home vs. standard away. Also, since I haven't bought an ESPN game for a few years, are there any hidden jerseys or purchaseable ones like hockey had a few years ago?

Thanks for your help.

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You can only switch your own team's uniforms during the regular season. If you're just playing a normal exhibition game, you can switch either team's uniforms -- at least in my experience.

There's no unlockables. Each team, minus the Bobcats, has a variety of jerseys. This year's alternates aren't included, but I understand they can be downloaded (again, i could be wrong, since i don't play online). But the collection of retro versions isn't complete. The Hawks, for example, don't have the funky Dominique Wilkins era unis. And the Nuggets rainbow set is only available in white. They ahve no road retro.

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