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New York Americans Concept Redux


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Funny... I was working on this .jpg preview and I see Discrim's Americans uni concept. Great minds, I tell ya...

Anyway, some of you older guys might remember when I first did this concept as a young'un on the boards way back in aught-three. I did this update probably last summer but never released it or anything after all that bulls*** with the IHA. Many moons later, after I've lived and learned, I give you guys my first concept of 2005, the update of my New York Americans concept. The older version is up in the top left. Enjoy!


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There you are! Anyway, I think this is a great progression and redo. Always good to come back to an idea after a while. Too bad folks making logos for real teams don't always have this luxury. I like it. Nuff said, but

it's beautiful, although i keep seeing AMERVCANS because of that dark wedge in the torch handle.

Fuzzlewigg may have a point here. did the light blue work in that space, or did you rule it out already?

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Although the older version looks great too, I really like the updates...The taller letters give it a little bit more grandeur I think, and I like the addition of the NY in the flame....that's really cool. I love custom lettering, annd that is a great font. One thing though, it looks like part of the torch is missing the light blue outline. Other than that, great design, great color choice. Looks really fantastic!

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