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basically, i got space so I figure I may as well use it :D and i may as well announce I was doing so (don't worry, I'm still gonna be writing the Discrimipaper, this is simply on the side)

DiscrimEdition: What a Week!

January 11, 2005

5-All the focus nationally is on Randy Moss and his rank ass.  I won't give him

the pleasure, I'll focus on the Packers defense that failed to stop him or his

teammates.  Let's see, last year former DC Ed Donatell was fired after "that

play" in Philly.  Ed's now in Atlanta, and I don't think the Dirty Birds are too

disappointed in the results.  Bob Slow up here, however, is a different story. 

Last year's D was full of ballhawks who would pounce on fumbles and picks like

Thanksgiving turkey.  This year's D couldn't pick off a nerf ball...thrown by Gino

Torretta...to no wideouts.  That bad.

4-Shifting to the offense, this may sound crazy but Brett Favre's ill-advised pass

beyond scrimmage may have simply added to his legacy.  It was funny and

didn't cost us the game.  The defense was doing a good job at that already.  To

which I place the ultimate badge of goalie shame onto those 11 men....SIEVE! 


3-Indiana basketball sure has fallen, huh?  Their recent win over Wisconsin was

classified as an upset.  Even 5 years ago, beating UW and the rest of the Big Ten

was something the Hoosiers were expected to do.  Now, doing so results in a

ticker-tape parade...well, not exactly but you get my drift.

2-The Unit is in Yankee pinstripes and Carlos Beltran is in Mets bruise.  Yawn.

In other news, CCLSC's own Steve-O has just unveiled an amazing logo set for

the Damn Yanks.  It depicts a soldier and modified versions of the Yankees

script and NY monogram, and uses a lot of silver.  If I didn't hate the Yanks, I'd

print em off and iron them onto my white tee.

You can see the logos on this thread.

1-The divisionl round is here, and it's prediction time.

Vikings @ Eagles-I pick Philly here by 14.  The offense doesn't need TO to beat

the Vikes' D, and the Eagles defense is the polar opposite of the Pack's

D-whereas Green Bay was able to get by despite the D, the Eagles were able to

dominate largely because of that fence over there.  Randy can leave after the

first drive for all I care, cus he aint gonna do nothin this weekend.

Colts @ Patriots- Pats by 3.  There's only one person in the NFL who can

outsmart Peyton Manning, that being Bill Belichick.  He's proven it before and

despite a decimated secondary, he'll do it again.  As much as I hate Brady, the

offense is good enough to carve up the Colts' D.  And for pete's sake, will

somebody put some duct tape over Mike Vanderjagt's mouth?

Rams @ Falcons- Forever I Love Atlanta, and I love them by 14 at least.  This is

a dome, as Sean Salisbury will point out...however, it's not the Rams' astrocrap

but the Dirty Birds' field turf.  Oh yeah, that Vick guy.  I hear he can run like

people are chasing him.

Jets @ Steelers- the Curtain by 10.  After a horrendus experiment with the

passing game last season , the Steelers went back to what makes them the

Steelers: the ground game and tenacious D.  The Jets will have a chance, but

won't win.

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