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NLL All-Star Game Logo


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The National Lacrosse League's Official 2005 All-star game logo was revealed today. It's rather ugly, I was hoping it would be rad as I am going to attending this year but it turned to be a bust. The worst part is that the silhouette or rendering of the player is of an Anaheim Storm player! It's in Calgary for goodness sakes, why not make it a Calgary guy at least. Anyways, we all could have pumped out better work. Lets hear your opinion.


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They should just lose the whole lacrosse player/red star thing. It would have been fine with the scripture and the mountains, and maybe a small Calgary Tower or a small Saddledome in place of the giant Anaheim dude. I realize they're trying to emphasize their sport, but they went and included the NLL logo in bottom-left anyway, which in itself contains a silhouetted player as is.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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