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Germany and Czech Rep. football


something to mull over while you wet your whistle  

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so for the next two I decided to go back to Europe, to a couple of countries where apparently, beer is not only popular, but plentiful

Germany - argubly the biggest non-american (or canadian for that matter) hotbed for american football in the world. Therefore I wanted somewhat of a conservative look. As you would have guessed, they are predominately black, with red and yellow-gold UCLA striping on the shoulders. the sleeves on the white jersey are black so they line up with the striping to suggest the striping of the flag. overall a basic look, but that was what I was going for here


Czech Republic - yes, modern. very modern. I went with the Atlanta Falcons cut because I felt the sleeve pattern lent itself well to the pattern of the Czech flag. Therefore thats what I did. went with a blue helmet, with the unis being red-white at home, and white-red on the road. blue socks and three layered pittsburgh steelers numbers complete the look. I didnt create no special logo for this one, rather I just used the czech coat of arms, which seems to be the common practice of all thier national teams from what I gather from the hockey and soccer uniforms


I will probably be staying in Europe with my next few sets, because I have some ideas I want to execute.

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