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Reversed Rivalry: SF Dodgers and LA Giants


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Here are the uniforms of the reversed rivalry between the Giants and the Dodgers! Now Tommy Lasorda can't claim that he is bleeding Dodger Blue! :D

The Dodgeralike San Francisco Giants:


The Giantalike Los Angeles Dodgers:


Would be nice to have a contest about more reversed rivalries' jerseys... isn't it? :)

In February I plan to draw the jerseys of the New York Red Sox and the Boston Yankees.

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Very cool. It must hurt fans of these teams to see their enemies wearing their team's colours.

Er--- I must say you that... besides being a staunch Red Sox fan... I'm a Giants' fan!!! :D

And I'll make the next Reversed Rivalry between Red Sox and Yankees. :P

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Swiss...I was making a Cardinals/Cubs one and did a Yankees/Red Sox one as well.  I'll let you do it though, mine sucked.  The B in the yanks style looked awful...

This is fun!

I LIKE YOUR PICS!!! Whatta fun I got watching your work!!! YEAH.

About the Yanks/Red Sox, let's see yours.

Oh, yes... the "B" Yankeealike is a bit hard to work, but I think I can give it a try.


What about a contest of reversed rivalries' jerseys? Logos included.

Here is a list concerning baseball:

- Chicago Cubs - Chicago White Sox

- SF Giants - Oakland A's

- Dodgers - Angels

- NY Mets - Atlanta Braves

Of course, that is expandable to NFL, NBA and NHL rivalries. :)

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