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fake looking sports logos


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definately a knockoff. anyone selse have cheap ass knockoff logos of multi million dollar sports franchises :P

i see similar stuff every now and then when i'm one of them urban stores. jackets and jeans plastered with the most obvious NBA knockoff logos it's not even funny. wouldn't want one even if i could afford one :D

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this just dosent look right to me.

accually they have a good selection. but most of them are wrong

I think that Jays one is right, they used the alternate striping in the T for BP Cap 2000 only, I think... It kinda changed without us noticing.

And wow do I see a lot of those knockoffs at the market I run my business out of... it's hilarious when the guy shows me a jersey that's way off and says "$50... and this one's real"... when I asked "does that mean the others are fake?" he paused to think before mumbling something I didn't understand.

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