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Less Than Jake Concept Jersey


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Okay, so, I made a set of jerseys for one of my favorite bands, Less Than Jake. The wordmark is actually the band's logo, but I made my own main logo incorporating the star from one of their pieces of merchandise. I think I'm getting a little better at the tracing tool thing. I also threw in a blue alternate with a black/blue/yellow color scheme the band used in the late 90's. C&C would be awesome, especially when it comes to which color scheme you like better, red/yellow/black or blue/yellow/black.

I'm thinking of turning this into a project where I turn bands into sports teams, depending on how good ya'll think this one turned out...


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not a huge fan of less than jake, but those are pretty cool looking. the hat with the star logo is my favorite part.

if you don't mind me posting some in here too, you inspired me to make a deftones football concept :)


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That is rockin'! Wonder how it'd look with a black horse?

it would probably look a LOT better than a white one, but it has to be white... otherwise it wouldn't be a "white pony" :)

the helmet is exactly like their 3rd CD... which is called white pony. silver cover, with a white pony in the bottom right corner. (technically, they had a few other covers for different releases of it... but on red, white, silver, or black covers, the pony is always white, since the name of CD is white pony).

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