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theyre supposed to look like this if that link worked. if it did im the guy on the right. you can see half of me

wow... either the lighting of that photo is playing tricks on me, or that school really DOES have awful awful colors :)

even worse is that i helped pick them out. the road unis are awful but our home unis, which are all blue with gold sleves look badass, basically a reversed version of those. ill post that pic later. dosent that uni make me look fat? :P im on the far right. :D

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Knock it off. Bumping sucks.

Anyway, the concept is fine for a high school team, where complimentary colors are optional. Aside from that they hurt my eyes. Maybe the home unis would be less bad if the pants matched the helmet and the socks were the blue-ish color. The uniform itself is fine, but the colors are ghastly.

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