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Netherlands and Poland football concepts



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so here are two more.

Netherlands - yes, orange. It has to be orange. Since the logo is orange I decided on a navy blue helmet so the logo stands out. Also its modern. Miami Hurricanes piping pattern here. Also the modern crillee font the blue jays use. From what I understand the Dutch pride themselves on being cutting edge and innovative, so that is why I made this uniform look how it does. Only one set of blue pants to go with the relatively bright orange jersey and of course the white jersey. The logo is my own creation, but Im really not too happy with how it turned out. I might revisit it someday


Poland - Along with the mainstay red, I used silver here, and quite a bit of it. I decided on the silver helmet and pants because I felt that it would be a good way to add something more to these uniforms without using black and without making yet another red helmet. I stayed rather traditional, as you can see, with the two sleeve stripes and block number font. I didnt create a new logo here, rather I used the exsisting Polish COA, since it seems to be accepted by thier soccer team and hockey team as ok to use on thier uniforms.


side note on this one: I chose #7 because it was the number worn by former Eagles quarterback Ron "the Polish Rifle" Jaworski

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