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2 More Redesigns: Flyers and Kings


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These are just two more of my re-designs.

First are the Kings, I have always liked those ill-fated white alternate jerseys from the '96 season, so I thought I would bring a part of it back with the "Burger" King on the front.

Second: My Flyers design isn't so great I just can't get a good font to go on the front, but this one I liked the best. If anyone has any suggestions on how to make these better, PLEASE let me know, cause I want a lot of suggestions and help.


Alright I changed the colors on the Kings Jersey, and I updated the Flyers jersey, with modified striping so it's not so copy-catish and I put in the logo instead of the lettering. Hope these look better. Please let me know.

Alright I edited the kings jersey and added the horizontal stripes.



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Yeah, well I am just starting out, and I wanted to see if I could do this stuff. Sorry if it is not all original, but my art skills are not the greatest in the world. Plus, I am having a hard time using photoshop.

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I'm gonna keep it short on the Kings piece. It looks like something from a PSOne game. I'm sorry, i'm just not a fan.

The Flyers jersey has potential. I like the striping. It's very flashy, and a nice break from the solid, relatively traditional pieces the Flyers have always worn.

Couple ideas. Go with a logo on the front of that. With the angle that your wordmark is cut at, it's not going to look centered. Also, center your wordmark. It's way off dude.

Take a look at some other people's concepts in terms of how the fonts lay out, and you will get a better idea of what yours should look like.

Your stuff is good man. Keep pushin on this, you'll get it.

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Well, right now I am using a lot of paint, because I can't quite figure everything out in photoshop.

Nothing wrong with using MS Paint, just be conscious of the coulours you use, that they are part or a 256 palette.

Also consider the practicality of Producing those shirts.

I like to do Full Packages now, where I keep Home & Away simple, and go wild on ALTERNATES (just like the Islanders, for example)

Keep it up.

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