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SJ SunDevils Concept


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thanks everyone so far for the replies, i truly appreciate it. A lot of time went into this and im hoping it shows.

to answer a couple questions:

no, its not for a league here

yes. AAO, you are a vagina

and tempest, what do you see as irregular with the serifs?

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I like the colors and general concept but I have to ask what exactly he is doing?

Looks like the Devil is either winded and taking a knee to get some air, or he

is a 3rd stringer kneeling on the sideline during the game. Not exactly dynamic and engaged in the action.

What if the Devil was doing the heisman pose? Now that would be pretty decent.

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Overall I like this a lot, there just seems to be something off a bit with the horns. If you look at just the combination of the horns and the face detached from the body it looks more to me like a Bison (Buffalo). A demonic bison mind you but still has the features of an animal.

Of course who's to say what features the devil is supposed to have (anyone got a picture of ProLogo)... just kidding I just finished reading that 10 page Oriole thread, whew! I'M Winded.

and just my opinion.... RETIRE BRILLIAMS

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