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Panther Concept Jersey


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Ok, I like the design on Roberto Luongo's pads so I decided to translate it into a jersey. Kinda looks like the Charlotte Checkers, but that was not my intent. Let me know what you think. Please.

Alright I edited the jerseys to match the pads a little better, and made the sleeves white, let me know what you think. Critique Suggestions Welcome.

Old Version:


New Version:


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uhh.... luongo has never had pads like that, has he?

i think you're thinking of trevor kidd, who was a panther a long time ago... and his pads were/are checker pattern, because he started wearing them with the hurricanes... the pads were several hurricane flags. people thought they were so ugly that he decided to keep them, as his little trademark, only change colors for the different teams he played on. he's worn them in carolina, in florida, and in toronto... in toronto, they had maple leafs inside each box.

so it doesn't really work for the panthers as a jersey. one bad goalie they had, for a few years at most, had pads in checker pattern because they got him from carolina....

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I think Luongo has the Pink Panther pattern sewn into his pads, doesn't he? Maybe it's just his mask.

He never did anything elaborate when he played in Lowell.

his masks have had pink panthers on them... at least 2 different masks he's gotten made.

but his pads never have been odd... unless you think mostly yellow pads is odd. he had those kohos that were yellow, with blue swooshes on them last time i saw him play... but his pads have never been out of the ordinary or "custom".

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Ah, oh well, my bad. It was Trevor Kidd. I still liked the design. Well, it looks like I'm off to do a checkered Leafs jersey. ^_^

except that he's not really a leaf anymore :)

that's just the last team he played for... i think he's an unrestricted free agent now.

last i heard, the leafs had no interest what-so-ever in bringing him back.

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