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NFL Throwback Alternates


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You're not gonna believe this but back in 2001 I actually made a Shaun Alexander green Seahawks jersey that was SWEEEET!!That was back when I used t-shirts for my blank "jerseys" but the green was the same shade they used and I just adjusted the logo colors on the sleeves to match.I have pics of it around here somewhere but they need scanning once I do find them.It got sold in a yard sale for like $1 last summer and when I found out it went in the sale I was quite pissed for several reasons,but if I dont find the pics I'll post a mock-up of how it looked.

Ebay had silver alternates of theirs at the time I made this but I always thought this would have made a badass alternate.I got a lot of compliments on it when I wore it,which was'nt much.

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