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What's unusual about this jersey?

Roger Clemente

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Well, I also assume that this was a long since autographed #9 placed onto a jersey that wasn't introduced until August 2000 at the earliest, which was 5 months after his death. (Although the earliest known sighting of the CCM logo on the back of the collar of the colored jerseys was 2003.) Also notice that the #9 he autogrpahed is shaped much differently than the the ones on the sleeves. Also, there were no nameplates used during Richard's entire career.

--Roger "Time?" Clemente.

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This is definately just a number that Richard signed, which was sewn on afterwards.

You'll notice players don't sign numbers anymore, probably because (for example) Gretzky doesn't want to see that he signed a Habs Gretzky 99 jersey.

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