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Finland and Russia football concept



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for now these will be my last two european concepts

Finland - the first one in which I used the bronco style upward tapering inserts. I felt it would work with the tapers being navy blue. the light blue is Tennessee Titans blue, seeing as how it matches somewhat to the blue the hockey team uses. I really didnt want to use a white helmet so I went with a light blue helmet with a forward tapering stripe. The logos are my graphical representation of the Finnish COA. I assure you guys it wasnt taken from the hockey logo because well, there is no image of the hockey logo large enough and clear enough to be found! I went with Arizona Diamondbacks numbers here.


Russia - since its Russia, the primary color is red. I admit the helmets came out looking too much like the ones I did for Cuba, which is why I tried a thick backward tapering stripe on it. the jerseys have titans-style shoulder panels with piping separating them from the rest of the jersey, and there a sort of half UCLA stripe that ends at the piping. Sort of like a lot of MLB BP jerseys. The logo I made myself, my graphic take on the two headed eagle that Russia now uses as the COA. I left the legs off it though, as it would have made it look too busy. (hey, the smirnoff vodka logo doesnt have legs either, okay!). The numbers are Miami Dolphins block numbers with the drop shadow removed


for my next concepts, I will be going back to asia for a couple and then to South America for a few

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