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1st Concept - Bruins Alternate


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Ok, finally got some time during the snowstorm and threw this together.

Being a Bruins STH for a while, I've always hated the pooh bear thirds. However, I love the gold sweaters from the late 50's. In a little bit of old meets new, I've come up with the following design, nothing too drastic, but tasteful.



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Did you try to tinker with the font for the numbers and see if anything more "old school" would work and tie in with the vintage logo?


Truth be told, I used Microsoft Image Composer for this with a little assist from Paint. That's why the fonts are a bit fuzzy (from scaling).

I like the current number font as it is relatively unchanged over the years. The only different I might try is to work with a single outline (ie: black with a white outline). There's no doubt that the black numbers work best against the gold background.

If I get some time, I'll try to enlarge the crest a bit and see how it looks.

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