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Charlotte bobcats


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Thanks.  I found the site now, too.  That logo is horrible!  I was really hoping for "Flight" to be the nickname.  It seems every new expansion team for the past several years creates logos that feature snarling animals.  It is so over-done.

Thumbs down -- I'm very dissapointed.

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OK...here we go...the Charlotte Bobcats Official Colors:





Interesting note - officially, the "Orange" is listed as "Red".  This is due to the actual Pantone they're using.  However, I'm going to call it Orange in my database.  I think you'll see it called Orange everywhere else as well.

The Blue is somewhat unique.  It's not used a lot.  The only other professional team I've got that uses it is the Tri-City Dust Devils of the Northwest League (baseball).

The Silver and Black are standard.

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Actually it looks more red there. I by standard silver would that be 877 C, or is it metalic? You don't have to answer that.

Yeah, I'll give you that one (!)...it's 877 C.

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Thank you, its the UNH logo that i was thinking of.


well i think they are kinda similar anyhow.

ive seen a logo with out the UNH which i was thinking about, i know the one above kinda makes my point a stretch, anyhow it has the serated edges like the bobcats/kinda the rams.

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PANTONE, so the light blue/teal shown outlining the logo an the site header isnt a part of the teams official color scheme? ???

Nope.  I think they were just trying to blend in the logo with the background.

I think Teal is a four-letter word in Charlotte these days...


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