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Buffalo Bills Concept


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I'm not a fan of this update, mostly because I don't like the Bronco-esque template. However, if that is what you want to go with, it would look better if the pants stripes flowed into the side gussets better, like the Broncos, Patriots, and to a lesser extent the current Bills do. Any jersey with colored side gussets should have pant stripes that match. Just my preference.

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I'm not really that much a fan of it, but only because of a few inconsistencies:

- The number on the home blue jersey has a gray out line, while the number on the white away jersey has a black out line, yet neither color is anywhere else in the concept. I'd say stick with the three colors. Go white number-blueoutline-redoutline on the blue home and blue number-white outline-red outline on the white away jersey.

- I agree with Vet's 1idea that the thick striping bar simply continue into the pants, rather than break into the two thin ones.

- If you're going to have red on top of the away jersey, then I sugest having white on the top of the home jersey - this way, you don't have to change the jersey color or the thick striping.

Just some ideas, I think they'd make the concept more complete...

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