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Watermark Question


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hi guys,

here is a funny story. I am sitting here working on a logo and putting a watermark on it when my wife asks me "can't people edit out your watermark and claim it as their own?" So I say "yeah I guess so if they want it bad enough." so then she asks "well why bother watermarking anything?"....and in very husband-like fashion i stared blankly at her not knowing how to answer....so i pose this question to the board at large....

"If people can grab your work and claim it as theirs (even with a watermark) why bother watermarking it?"

So give me a hand so I can answer my wife.

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i've said the same thing for years... that's why i've never watermarked anything.

any watermark that is subtle enough to let us see the design of their logo is ineffective... and any effective watermark would defeat the purpose of showing us the logo.

i can remove anyone's watermark in very little time. anyone can... it's not a photograph, where some details would get lost under the text. logos are big blocks of color, in a pattern. you can type WATERMARK on top of it, and if i just connect the lines, and fill in the blanks, you'd never see it was watermarked to begin with.

your wife is a smart lady. i agree 100%

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The watermark is just another obsticle the thief has to go through to get it -- you have to realise that if somebody wants to steal something bad enough, they will, it's your job to make that as hard as possible for them -- why steal a watermarked image when i can steal an unwatermarked image?

It's like putting the club on your car, if they want the car bad enough, they'll take it -- but they'll likely just move on to another car without the club.

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Also, if someone goes to the trouble of editing out a watermark, you have irrefutable evidence that they knowingly stole your work.

Part of the trick is watermarking subtly so that not everyone notices its there, but once pointed out, becomes painfully obvious.

Me? I don't watermark my stuff. That's what the copyright statement on all of my logos is about.

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