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Tank Stumper 1/27/05


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I. What 3 defensive backs have won the Super Bowl MVP?

II. Who is the only player to be on the roster of 5 straight Super Bowl losing teams?

III. Who is the only QB to win Super Bowl MVP without a TD pass?

IV. Had their been a Super Bowl between 1960-1965 what whoould have been each year's match up?

V. Who are the only players to win back to back Super Bowl MVP awards?

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I. Jake Scott, Larry Brown, Dexter Jackson

IV. 1960-Houston v Philly

1961-Houston v Green Bay

1962-Dallas Texans v Green Bay

1963-San Diego v Chicago

1964-Buffalo v Cleveland

1965-Buffalo v Green Bay

V. Terry Bradshaw and Bart Satrr

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I. VII Jake Scott, XXX Larry Brown, XXXVII Dexter Jackson

II. Gale Gilbert

III. Joe Namath


1960-Oilers vs Eagles

1961-Oilers vs Packers

1962-Texans vs Packers

1963-Cahargers vs Bears

1964-Bills vs Browns

1965-Bills vs Packers

V. Bart Starr I, II and Terr Bradshaw XIII, XIV


got I, IV, V

SJ32 got


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