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My Arizona Cardinals Football Concept


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- So, with all of this talk about the Cardinals, here is my idea for their uniforms.

- I went with METALLIC copper since they are the Copper State.

- The alternate logo is a combination of Arizona?s State Flag, map of Arizona, and the Cardinal?s logos and colors.

- I decided to go with a black alternate since they will have the option to play inside.

- Let me know what you think.








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Someone on the AZCardinals.com message board claims to be an insider, and SWEARS that the helmets and home pants will be Copper. And, the unis will look quite a bit like what you've just put together. Other than the pants that will be used with the Red jerseys is also Copper. And, no helmet stripes.

I don't think I believe this guy, but it's interesting...

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yeah... i thought i hated the idea of copper on the cards.....

you make me look like an idiot :)

that looks pretty damn sweet. the copper AND yellow looks kick ass together. every possible combo you have down there looks awesome as well. bravo.

i'd still prefer mostly red and white, with maybe some silver... but if they decide to add to their color scheme, what you have here is pretty damn sweet.

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this is awesome.. but the helmet reminds me of the 9ers alittle too much... that template is amazing

I thought of that, but if you look at copper and gold, they are quite different. I just can?t truly imitate metal on my computer.

Pantone, at first I had copper pants on the home uniforms as well, but then it did look too much like the 49ers. Just funny you said that. :D

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I tried a couple of Cardinals' helmets with different Copper Pantones (aside from the common 876 C). Here's 8880 C - it's the one the Utah Jazz used to use; I think it looks too pink-ish:


...and here's another one with 8023 C:


Maybe one of these could look different enough from the 49ers to work.

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I think that if the color isn't in your logo set anywhere, you shouldn't use it anywhere else.

Although copper is ok as shown, it's too many colors overall. I think of the Utah Jazz's old logo and uniforms where they had so many colors in there they couldn't decide what to use.

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OK...there's an interesting thread on the azcardinals.com message board that may or may not be true:

inside info on cards uni

This guy sounds like he COULD be telling the truth - I have no idea. He claims that THIS helmet that I've come up with is the real deal:


...oh, and the Buccaneers don't have any Pewter in their logo, so at least this isn't unprecedented...

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