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Tulsa 100 years of Baseball Logo

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January 30, 2005 - The Tulsa Drillers announced plans today for a season-long celebration to honor the 100th Anniversary of professional baseball in the city of Tulsa.

?The tradition of professional baseball is ingrained into the fabric of America,? said Drillers Executive Vice President Chuck Lamson. He added, ?Nowhere is that history more special than right here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We feel privileged to be able to recognize the people, places and events that not only shaped professional baseball in Tulsa over the last 100 years but also helped shape Tulsa itself. We hope you will join us as we celebrate this special year.?

The Drillers also unveiled a special 100th Anniversary logo that has been designed to help commemorate the landmark season. The logo will be used extensively throughout the 2005 season.

The Drillers partnered again with San Diego based ideas company Plan B Branding to design the 100th Anniversary logo. Last year, Plan B helped the Drillers develop their new logo and colors, and the team set a franchise record for merchandise sold. The firm is also helping the Drillers develop an apparel line that will feature the past Tulsa Oilers logos.

?We?re happy to be helping the Drillers celebrate their heritage in different ways,? said Plan B Branding partner Jason Klein. ?The 100th Anniversary celebration has enabled us to resurrect great, Tulsa baseball icons like Oily the Oiler, and Drillers fans are going to love the throwback logo apparel.? Oily was the longtime mascot of the Oilers that featured a baseball head with an oil derrick nose.

Professional baseball in Tulsa first began prior to statehood for Oklahoma with the first team taking the field in 1905. Tulsa has fielded a team every year since except for 1909, 1913 and 1918 and for a few years during the Depression and World War II.

Throughout the 100 years, Tulsa?s baseball teams have been linked with the city?s long oil history. The first teams were aptly nicknamed the Oilers, but a new owner christened the 1914 team the Producers. The Oilers name returned with the 1919 squad, and the nickname remained in place until the Drillers replaced the Oilers prior to the 1977 season.

The Drillers are planning a number of activities throughout the year to honor the 100 years of baseball in Tulsa. These plans include a series of limited edition, Hartland statues of five great former Tulsa players. The different statues will be given away at five selected games this season. Miniature replicas of old Oiler Park will be given away at another game.

Baseball historian Wayne McCombs has released a special calendar to commemorate the 100th Anniversary Season. The calendar highlights many of the great events of the first 100 years and includes a number of unique photographs. The calendars are currently available for sale at Drillers Stadium.

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