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New Arizona Cardinals Concepts


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There's currently three or four different threads with Arizona Cardinals uniform concepts. I thought maybe we should have a single thread with all of them.

Here's one that I made. Yes, these are the same pants design as the Falcons. The Cardinals claim they're doing something modern and "revolutionary" with the uniforms, so I figure the pants will be something closer to the Falcons than the typical striping of most teams.


C/P http://www.geocities.com/baseballconcepts/cardinals.gif

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Can I put this on my "Arizona Cardinals Idea" page on the SSUR - with credit to you? I would like to start adding all of these new ones to the site.

Ouch! That hurts... i want mine to get a spot on the website, too!


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I've been going through all of the concepts on here from the last couple months and have been adding them...I've got 6 paynomind concepts all ready to go...is that cool to post them?

I should just make a blanket request to everyone on this board for permission, and if there are any others I miss, please let me know.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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