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UNCW Uniform Design


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You've got some great ideas here (i.e. the "wave" at the bottom of the shorts), and you'd definitely benefit from doing a refined version of this concept with a better program and newer templates. Great first effort...

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as a uncw grad, i like this a lot - i've played around with some fictional uncw football uni's, but have never played with hoops uni's - i'll see if i can find my football concept and post it in this thread...maybe i'll have to work the wave in - good first effort!

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not the greatest work i've done, but uncw doesn't actually HAVE a football team, so it's better than what they have now :)

i tried to work the wave in, but it looked too cheesy

i used the old logo as a secondary and for the helmet - the current logo is just too blocky for the helmet...i love that logo, though - #1, wave, seahawk all rolled into one

i'm not overly happy with the number font i used

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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