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Fantasy BBall Trade


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In my fantasy bball league this is a trade that has been proposed to me. I'll preface it by saying I'm a big Wizards fan, so Jamison has a little extra value. Let me know what you think, and if I should do this trade:

I give up:

Antawn Jamison

Michael Redd

I get:

Ben Wallace

Joe Johnson

What do you guys think?

and would you do the trade?

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No you shouldn't.

You're not gaining more than you're losing.

You lose scoring in Redd & Jamison, and even rebounding I don't really think you gain much from Ben Wallace. Joe Johnson is having a subpar season thanks to Steve Nash and Quentin Richardson, so his stats don't add anything. The only thing you really would gain is a couple of blocks thanks to Big Ben.

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Well it really depends. It really all depends on your team. If you are getting killed in rebounding or blocks or something you might want to do this trade by getting Big Ben to boost up your teams post game. Redd gets you 3 pointers and both AJ and MR can get you points. If you're doing category by category scoring you should consider it if you're lacking in boards or blocks, but if its just all stats added together, keep MR and AJ.

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