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Tank Stumper 2/4/2005


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I. What is the record for fewest points scored in a Super Bowl?

II. What future Hall of Famer dropped a crutial pass in the endzone of Super Bowl XIII?

III. What is the only Super Bowl in which the Cowboys wore their blue uniforms?

IV. What stadium was Super Bowl IX original scheduled to be played in?

V. What was the first Super Bowl the NFL featured sign language accompanyment with the National Anthem?

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FSU got

I. 3 by the Dolphins vs the Cowboys in 72 & III. Super Bowl V

Rockchalk got

II II-Jackie Smith & IV-Super Bowl IX was supposed to be played in the Superdome, but it wasn't finished in time, so it was played outside at Tulane Stadium- and

yes that is the story.

V First USper Bowl with sign language accompanyment was XXVI

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