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Fun with City Flags


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Now as many of you know I enjoy creating unis for use in Madden games.

I've done real & made up teams-serious and silly.

One day I stumbled across a site that featured city flags, shortly after that there was a thread I didn't start about city flags.

I had already started to design Madden helmets based on the flags--and thought I might post some here-

well I forgot and moved onto other things--but when cleaning out my Madden screen shot file I remembered this, and still had a few left--so I thought I would post some now.

The colours are all from the flags--so any commments on those are for the flag designers or city officals who chose those colours!

But you can pick on me for the design...

First up

Baltimore-I like the flag--very different-then so is the state flag too-


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i "re-designed" the peoria pirates logo using the md state map for one of the fantasy football teams in our league, the maryland massacre - there is nothing original about the helmet except the flag as a bandana, but i really like the way it turned out


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During the St. Louis NFL expansion effort, I drew up a "Rivermen" concept with the City of St. Louis flag, it looked pretty slick, save for the fleur-de-lis, which would have been a little too close to the Saints' helmet logo.

If you still have it--post it...

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Detroit's wouldn't quite work that way--but some cities have more workable flags than others--it would be interesting to see those from other angles...

It would be interesting to see what you'd do for unis for those helmets too...

And another Madden one-

San Antonio-

Since the flag is split in two colourwise with the symbol in the middle--I did the helmet that way as well-

sort of a football version of the Expos' pinwheel cap...


I have one for Thunder Bay, Ontario coming up--and requests as well

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