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The ENDING to a fun project


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First before I get started.... Dennis Hull is one of the funniest men I have EVER had the pleasure of meeting. Just had me in tears from laugh so hard. He made so many jokes about his brother and his brother son Brett Hull ..priceless.

That being said...last night I drove an hour an 20 minutes north to Red Deer for Special dinner, at a Doctors medical conference and hockey tournament. At which I was a special guest alone with Dennis Hull, and Dave Cementhead (of Oilers fame). Last year the man who put on the Tournament was getting sued by Disney for using on his REC-League hockey team jerseys. Short'n the story....I stepped in a told him I would redo the logo, I did , he loved it. Then at this dinner they brought me up on stage and gave me my own Mighty Docs jerseys along with the other two guest.

It was a great night



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I'm glad it worked out so well--that lawsuit threat from Disney was ridiculous--and looks bad on Disney--still you did a great job on the logo, and it was classy of them to honour you as such...

See what this board & its designers can accomplish!

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