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Tank Stumper 2/7/05


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How many straight Championship Finals has Philadelphia lost in 4 Major Leagues since the 76ers won the 1983 NBA Finals?

Bonus what is the overalll record of the Eagles, Phillies, 76ers and Flyers in Final Series or Super Bowls?

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3 by the Flyers, not 2 (1985, 1987, 1997).

Okay and make that 2-5 in the finals (I forgot about that sweep by the Wings--I was amused by it since so many Flyers fans aere predicting a sweep by the Flyers, not a sweep of the Flyers--how could I forget that!)

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7 losses since 1983 NBA Finals

3 by Flyers 1985, 1987, 1997

2 by Phillies 1983, 1993

1 by Eagles SB XXXIX

1 by 76ers 2001

Overall record of Phillies, Eagles, FLyers and 76ers in Finals Series or Super Bowls

Phillies 1-4

Eagles 0-2 (Not Including Pre-Super Bowl Champs)

Flyers 2-5

76ers 2-4

Total 5-15

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