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Canada wins Global hunior Football Championship


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Congrats to the Canadians.

Question for Stampman - in the U.S., the "national team" is simply a collection of high school all stars from the city/state where the Super Bowl is being played - is the Canadian team a true national team or just a group of the best players from a single area (in Canada's case I'm guessing Edmonton since the Esks' coach is in charge of the team)?

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I think it's a real National team, to a certain extent. I remember one of my friends going to New Orleans for that championship 6 or 7 years ago. He told me that they were only 3 from La Belle Province, so the rest had to be picked somewhere!

If I remember correctly, they usually invite All Star players from different High Schools all over the country, and then pick the best amongst those who showed up.

But again, I'm not completely sure about how the selection is made.

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