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Ontario, CA -- Brent Hagood, CEO of the ABA Ontario Warriors, today announced that the team's players have been awarded an ownership interest in the professional basketball team. Hagood stated, "This is an historic day. After a tough and challenging 3/4 of a first season, the Ontario Warriors, LLC have decided to award its players an ownership interest in the team, not as a gift, but as a Thank You for their continued effort and support of the team during a difficult time." Hagood continued, "It has not been an easy first season, but our players have stuck with us and have given us 100% from day one. Our principles have always been about loving, giving and providing HOPE in the world today where many have very little. The players now have a personal vested interest in the team's success as owners. The Warriors are also working on a plan to assist players in participating in the team's sponsorship dollars as a way to increase their personal incomes while they play. We think this is an important step - and a first not only in the ABA, but in professional basketball."


We can't meet our payroll, so here - have a piece of the team!

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Jeez, in my mind the easier thing to do would have been to rename the team the Los Angeles Warriors of Ontario and then reap the benefits of having a much larger metro area from which to draw a following.

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